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The concept

Imagine a game with real benefits.


Imagine earning money for having fun.


Imagine travelling the world & getting fitter playing it.


We thought: how would it be like having a game which preserves all the cool parts of gaming and has no negative ones?

But even more, what if people really gained value from playing it?

That was the starting point of InTake.

A game like no other.

About InTake

InTake is the first game that brings value to its players by encouraging motion & running, human interaction and rewarding them with real money.

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InTake main screen screenshot
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Why InTake?

Vector describinf InTake's health support
Vector describing InTake' social connection support
Vector describing player's true value gain from playing InTake

Supports Health

Vector describing InTake's team work and team play stimulation

REAL Social Connections

Vector describing InTake's approach in world exploration

True Value Gain

Vector describin InTake's characteristics

Stimulates Team Work

Explore Surroundings

Highly Competitive,

Interactive & Entertaining

How it works

The game generates coins of different

values at random locations on the map.

Players are collecting them.


Players can exchange collected in-

game currency for real-life currency in

correlation with their in-game rankings.

InTake main screen screenshot

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